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DNA of the Planet Earth

Researchers have discovered that many cosmic bodies, including: planets, stars, suns have their own identical, individual sounds that are similar to music. Planet Earth has its own unique and extremely beautiful music. The music of our planet is its DNA code, which identifies its content.Recursion is, obviously, the basic law of organic development of Birth …

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Cosmic Mathematics

Where huge treasures of wealth and knowledge are hidden, there will be codes, a complex security system, and a strong disguise. In the modern world, people are interested in space, but they don’t even know that there is a unique way to find out and recreate it.But the complex intellectual system of music is the …

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Power of Music

Sometimes people are driven by emotions. Under the influence of emotions, both the best-heroic actions are committed, as well as the most serious crimes and even suicide. M. Glinka (Russian composer): “Feeling builds-gives the main idea”.Since ancient times and at all times, scientists have talked about the power that controlled the emotions of humanity.This power …

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