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Teaching classical music can be challenging, especially when you are just starting out. A less experienced music teacher sometimes is left to experimenting with trial and error method. Unfortunately vast majority of the college degrees in classical music do not provide training in teaching private lessons. will discuss in depth how to improve your skills and get new ideas in teaching classical music.

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling with a student that you do not really know how to find a solution to their problem? Many classical music teachers have experienced it. I remember talking few years ago to a piano teacher who was eighty years old and had been teaching all her life. She told me that she still gets on the edge of her seat when teaching a student for the first time. Children are very quick learners and they have a lot of curiosity and interest. It is a big responsibility for a teacher to keep their curiosity and enthusiasm on going. 

Teaching classical music can be very rewarding, because you are always improving your skills as a teacher and performer. Teaching private lessons will make you analyze every little detail of classical music and fix some imperfections in your own playing as well.

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Elmira Mirkasymova

Thoughts on Teaching

The Teacher It is of fundamental importance that the teacher carries a substantial volume of knowledge. Because we talk about music, the amount is truly

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Daniele Petralia

My Approach to Teaching Piano.

My general emphasis on coordination and gesture in my teaching responds to a general flaw in current pianistic training. I’m not talking about a particular

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Mary Sicilliano

First Six Piano Lessons.

LESSON 1: 1)     Swing arms—feel completely loose shoulders and upper arms 2)     Drops on Keyboard Lid with the complete arm and loose shoulder. Feel the rebound of

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