Start your own business in classical music


Build and Maintain your private Studio

Music Business: Learn how to recruit students and run your private studio as a business. 

The Business section at Music Master Lab focuses on being an independent classical musician. You can read articles on how to build and maintain a private studio, find performance opportunities for your students and yourself, and manage day to day business operations.

At age thirty three I realized that I will be a full time private music teacher and an independent  performer of classical music. I had a Doctoral Degree  in piano performance, but not a real opportunity to work as a full time faculty in a university. I recognized a major deficiencies in my knowledge and skills on starting my own professional career. 

I wished I would have taken some relevant classes in college on how to be a small business owner, how to do your own marketing, the importance of networking, and much more. Suddenly I realized that I had to switch from being a classical musician to being an entrepreneur running a small business operation with multiple tasks on my hands.

The Business section is here to help you find the most efficient ways in making living as an independent classical musician.

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Iskander Zakirov

Starting a Music Studio

As nobody can afford to pick and choose when starting the studio, it’s important to realize that you are going to be ready to teach

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Adult Hand on Piano
Mary Sicilliano

Creating a Thriving Private Music Studio.

Establishing a studio: Location, equipment, speciality (adults, pre-school, etc.). Identify your goals and aspirations. Identify your business: Sole Proprietor: No governmental registration of your business.

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