Start your own business in classical music

Guide to setting up your studio for online music lessons.


This video provides a technical description of how I teach music lessons online.

I am also attaching a written guide to displaying your iPhone or iPad on a Mac.

QuickTime Player set up guide.

1. Plug the lightning cable from your iPhone into a USB port on your Mac.

Make sure your phone is unlocked.

2. Open Finder window on the computer and open Applications.

3. Find QuickTime Player and open it.

4. Once the QuickTime Player is opened , click on File on the top left corner.

5. Click on the first item under the File menu – “New Movie”

6.  A new screen will open and  the built in camera and microphone of the computer will be displaying a video.

7. Navigate your pointer to the lower part of the window. You will find a little menu with a Red “Record’ button.

8. On the right side of the Record button you will find a little white arrow/check menu.

9.Click on the arrow and a new menu will appear. You will have a choice on picking up for your video and microphone source.

Pick your iPhone for both video and microphone sources.

10. On the left side of the Record button turn up the volume.

Your phone is ready to stream to the computer.

Rotating your computer screen.

1. Push and hold “option” and “command” keys on the keyboard.

2. while you hold the buttons open “System preferences”

3. While you are still holding the  “option” and “command” keys, open “Displays”

4. in the middle you will see a “Rotate” menu.

5. click on the “standard” and a menu will pop down.

6. click on 90°(degrees).

7. As soon as the computer screen rotates, click on “confirm” button

8. Go back to QuickTime Player and return to the window where your phone is displayed.

9. You can expand the window to a full screen with a little green arrow near the apple sign in the corner of the screen.

Here are the links to the products I used in my home studio.

iPad Clamp

iPhone tripod     

The iPad stand I have at home is discontinued, but I found 2 similar models.

iPad Stand

iPad Stand

Extension arm

Holder for a Phone

Screw adapters

Base Microphone Stand

3.5mm male to male adapter

Lightning Cable

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