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Musicians and Covid 19

Teaching and performing during covid 19

Music and covid 19

How to be a musician during Covid 19

The economic impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic has hit musicians and performers particularly hard. Wondering how to be a musician during COVID-19? In the COVID-19 section of Music Master Lab, performers from around the world will share how they are continuing to make a living in this challenging new world. Need advice for teaching music over Zoom or other online platforms? Want tips for running ensemble rehearsals from afar? Wondering how to continue to make a living while also trying to stay home? Music Master Lab is working hard to gather the best research and advice to help everyone learn how to be a musician during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 has drastically changed the musical world in a short amount of time, altering the way we teach, learn, practice, rehearse, and perform. For some, lock-down has also been a chance to experiment with new practice regimes or connect with new audiences. In this section, you will hear how various important musicians have coped with these new challenges. Be aware that Music Master Lab is not providing medical advice and this information is for educational purposes. For the latest medical advice, seek out reputable health organizations. But for musical tips in navigating how to be a musician during COVID-19, the COVID-19 section of Music Master Lab is here to help.


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