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TwoSet Violin mark 4m YouTube subscribers with free online concert


Australia’s most famous classical music violin duo TwoSet Violin A free live concert will be released on YouTube in November 2022. The duo will perform the concert to celebrate reaching four million subscribers. YouTube channel. And they borrowed two Stradivari violins for the occasion.

The celebratory concert will see TwoSet make their debut on November 16 at 11:30 GMT. Singapore Symphony Orchestra and two Stradivarius violins on loan from the Tarisio Foundation. Together with two ‘Golden Age’ Stradivari violins made in 1708 – ‘Regent’ and ‘Empress Catherine’ – they will perform Mendelssohn’s much-loved Violin Concerto.

As that impressive subscriber total shows, TwoSet Violin (by Britt Young and Eddie Chen) have had great success in bringing the joy of classical music to new audiences. Making the genre feel accessible with a mix of humor and related imperfections (not to mention theirs). “Practice 40 hours a day” motto), the two have now collaborated on video or stage with the likes of Hilary Hahn, Janine Jansen, James IhnsLang Lang, Maxim Vengerov and Ray Chen.

Viral Violinists pointed to previous performances of similar live performances on YouTube. For example, they celebrated two million subscribers with a performance. Tchaikovsky’s Violin ConcertoThe three millionth milestone was marked by a performance of Sibelius’ Violin Concerto. Both shows garnered the largest live audiences for their respective acts.

The concert will be broadcast on TwoSet Violin’s. YouTube channel.

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