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Best floorstanding speakers to buy


Upstairs speakers dominate most living rooms, but they sound exceptional on a large soundstage. Cheap models can be surprisingly loud, but if design corners are cut, they can cause bad vibrations. The best designs have built-in insulation that prevents sound from reverberating.

Speaker and amp pairing advice

It’s rare these days to find speakers and amps that aren’t completely compatible, but before you buy, make sure they’re both ohms compatible (speakers usually have ratings between four and eight ohms, amps typically four to 16 ohms) and – to make a big generalization. – That your amplifier is 50 percent more powerful than your speakers.

How to get the best sound from floor standing speakers

Floor standing speakers are designed to project sound at your ear level when placed. Ideally, for best results, you should place the speakers well apart and at least 30cm from any floor.

The best floorstanding speakers to buy

Clip RP-8060FA II

The best floorstanding speakers to buy

Delivering the best sound for live performance, the Klipsch Reference Premier Series offers 11 options including bookshelf, surround sound, subwoofers and center channels so you can customize a system that fits your home and budget. The original RP-8060FA II features excellent quality cabinetry and floorstanding speakers. Up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers are hidden on top, their performance is powerful and dynamic, while the spun copper eight-inch cerametallic woofers add depth and power to low frequencies with a distortion-absorbing aluminum Faraday ring. And their Tractrix horn technology works wonders at high frequencies, perfect for live concert recordings and movies.

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