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John Maxwell Geddes (1941-2017) – Rhinegold


Composer John Maxwell Gedes has died of a heart attack.

His music – which included orchestras, concerts, solo, folk performances, and Renaissance music transcripts – was often known for his interest in history, archeology, astronomy, and science fiction. His most famous works include Voyager (1985) Ali cat (2004) and A Castle Mills Suite (2014)

Sleep ‘Geddes, according to the Scottish Music Center [was] Basically a composer in the symphonic tradition, and his most impressive work [was] Written for orchestral forces, although not necessarily in symphony or length. His early work showed that he was stressed, almost anxious, but later he expanded, and his recent work predicts a secret sense of calm. ‘

Born in Glasgow in 1941, Gedes studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music (now the Royal Concert of Scotland) by Gordon Cameron and Frank Speed. He won the RSAM Award for Essay and Scholarship at the Royal Danish Consortium in Copenhagen with Nils Viggo Bentzon.

Gedes has taught about his work in institutions around the world and has been the coordinator of Hamburg and Berlin (World Brass) and Bremen (International Jugund Symphonorchester). His relationship with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra lasted more than 50 years, including his first symphony (1975) and more. An Ayrshire Suite (2012)

He has received numerous commissions and awards, including the Goethe Institute stipendium (1986), PRS’s Composer in Education Award (1991) and Lord Provost’s Glasgow Award for Arts (2002). A.D. He became a member of RSAMD in 2002, and was one of the few composers to receive the 2007 Scottish Innovation Award.

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