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The Recorder – Porch Festival bringing music to Shelburne Falls


Two events that illustrate why the region is known for its arts show that the streets of the village are bathed in music this summer.

10-week music series

At 6 Bridge St. Crystal Stone Bazaar owners Crystal Stinson and Mohamed Yassin are hosting a series of weekend music at the High River premises behind the Bridge Street Bazaar. Musicians will play for everyone who comes to listen from Sunday afternoon until 5pm.

“These events are family-friendly and open in the afternoon,” Stinson said.

Stinson welcomes people to have a coffee, a drink, a picnic or simply to see themselves in the back of the store and enjoy the music.

Summer series still have vacancies to register after the season. Acoustic musicians can sign up to perform at the Bridge Street Bazaar on

“This series will grow the city and bring visitors joy,” Stinson said. “Every time we organize a new event, it brings together a group of people who have never been to Sherburn Falls before.”

Balcony Festival

In addition to the music on the porch of the High River, the owners of the Bridge Street Bazaar and others organized additional music in the village on Sunday, July 10. The third annual event will be held from 1 to 5 p.m.

Local musicians set out to perform on the Victorian porches around the village.

“People come to the city with a flower bridge and [Glacial] Potholes, and this movement introduces people to something else here, ”said Ann McCormack, owner of Water Street Bar.

The event was first organized in 2020 by Dorothy Strano-Bennett, then 13 years old, to enable people to practice live music outside of the CVD-19 health and safety restrictions. McCormack said bald events took place throughout the U.S. at the time of the outbreak. The event was so successful in its first year, the city decided to continue hosting the festivities.

McCormack thinks this event is special because it only keeps visitors away from the city center.

“I’m really looking forward to having music all over the city,” McCormack said.

People are welcome at to watch the event or to register voluntarily.

There are so many different genres of music, and McCormack says there are “so many varieties in this area.”

Award-winning Shelburne Water Poet Martin Ispada is one of the nominees for the Balcony Festival.

“We’re really looking forward to it being part of it,” McCormack said.

All performances are free to participate, although people can donate directly to the artists on their own balconies.

“We’ve all been denied live music over the years,” McCormack said. “It will be amazing.”

Balcony Holiday Schedule

■ 127 Main St. – Katie Clark at 2 p.m. and Louis Collins at 2 p.m.

■ 105 Main St. – Martin Ispada and Lauren Schmidt at 1 00 00 p.m.

■ 99 Main St. – Paul Bennett comedy show at 3pm and 4pm

■ 97 Main St. – Sarah Pertil from Maya and Jill Conolly at 2 p.m.

■ 94 Mechanic St. – Lynsey Greenstein at 2 p.m.

■ 30 High St. – Morgan Kelsey at 1 p.m.

■ 34 Main St. – Cindy Fund-Art at 1 p.m., and Amy Shock and Dan Mojalali at 4 p.m.

■ 22 Mechanic St. – Sheryl Stanton at 4 p.m.

■ 31 Water St. – David Herrera and FJ at 2 p.m., and Orlen, Gabriel and Avery at 4 p.m.

■ 4 High St. – Wild Team at 3 p.m.

■ 6 Bridge St. – Blackboard and Applegate at 3 p.m.

■ 17 Sears St. – Matt Delaney at 1 p.m. and Chelsea field at 3 p.m.

■ 22 William St. – Tom Crane at 4 p.m.

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