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2Cellos farewell, OVO Arena Wembley


2Celos Farewell, OVO Arena Wembley
2Celos Farewell, OVO Arena Wembley

Claudia Prechard

Luke Schulich’s and HAUSER’s play has turned many spider webs into classical music. There is more to the cell than we can imagine, and it is an uncontrolled rock instrument.

After a mold on YouTube in 2011, the two released six albums under the name of 2 CELLOS and sold one million tickets.

But now, 10 years later, Schulich and HAUSER are saying goodbye to the district – even if they don’t sell their equipment for good. And you can catch this amazing event once again on June 2 and 3 at the OVO Wembley Arena.

Wild children promise: ‘This visit is the culmination of everything we have found like 2CELLOS.’ ‘These will be our biggest show by playing for some large audiences. We climbed the mountain together and reached the top we could do together.

These days we put together everything we learned by playing together. They become strong, trembling, touching, emotional. We throw everything at them – and then we can rest 2 cells. Are you ready to celebrate with us ?! ‘

If you like your music with a pizza, it’s a discount you can’t accept. You are more likely to hear Michael Jackson or Elton John’s performances as string virtuoso Paganini. It fits ….

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