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Tribute to Marcel Proust, Institut Français


Honor to Marcel Prost, French Institute
Honor to Marcel Prost, French Institute

Claudia Prechard

Music brought memories, and the master of the power of memory was the French writer Marcel Prost.

The 100-year-old concert, hosted by the Institute of France, features a live series of Les Salons and Music, by the author’s contemporaries (Wednesday, May 18, 8 ፡ 30 PM).

Violinist Genevieve Lawrence and pianist David Bismut took a musical journey on the face of the famous composer. Looking for lost time (Looking for lost time). The track includes Reynolds Han, Sonata and works Dating By Camil St.-Sans, and Music by Richard Wagner.

Geneviève Laurenceau works all over Europe and is the artistic director of the Obernai Music Festival, founded in 2009 under the direction of Bass-Rine in Alaska. David Bismut has appeared in many festivals and is a popular musician.

Concert viewers can enjoy the evening by adding a glass of champagne and cheese, charcoal and other delicacies to Cafe Tangerine.

It will be the next concert in the series Music Escape from Paris to London With Trio Jenlis, on Thursday, June 23, 7 p.m., 30 p.m. This exciting concert series will continue in September.

Please note that this concert will be held from the Institute of France at Cini Lumiere, 17 Queensberry Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2DT corner.

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