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American violinist Rachel Barton Pine has announced that she will play as a solo player in the future.

Pine In 1994, she suffered a long-term accident with a Chicago passenger train, which did not affect her ability to play. Now, however, her medical prognosis will not be an ambulance for the future. This is due to the ongoing efforts to protect more than 50 surgeries and physical therapy from ambulances over the years.

In any other field, there is an issue between Pine and HR. He made headlines in the world of classical music.

Melissa Martin, a Persianist, wrote in. Sociological assessment (July 2020) About an event that took place during an orchestra rehearsal. Shostakovich Symphony No. 10 had to flex her muscles as she adjusted a triangle in a quiet room and fell to the floor loudly.

The director made a sarcastic comment and was patient with the music of her colleagues. When you write-

“If my musicians understood that the event was a distraction, a lack of due diligence, or a direct result of my disability, the opposition to their voices was clear. For them, I was secondary because I did not have the necessary skills for classical music due to lack of discipline. This is because musical skill is often taken as a technical extension on the instrument as a body extension; Ability to move the body closer to the instrument to remove any force beyond the music.

Nicholas McCarthyShows a piano player with only one hand Etude Op.25 no.12 ‘Ocean’ Chopin Arr Godowski.

When it comes to classical music artists, if you pay attention to disability, you are more likely to be successful unless you overcome the obstacles created by different types of people with disabilities.

This includes our name, Ludwig van Betovan, who wrote some of his most popular works long after he lost his hearing.

There are other examples.

English pianist Nick Van Blous lives with Touret Syndrome, and at one point he left his promising job because of a problem. A.D. He returned to the stage in 2009 with much to say, but in 2018, he published an open letter to six major English orchestras, fearing to hire him.

Life for a disabled musician is not only difficult on stage; It makes the journey more difficult. A.D. In 2014, Izrahi Perlman, a well-known violinist who uses a scooter for childhood polio, filed a complaint with Air Canada after he was fired by customs.

In other genres, while accommodations are not necessarily standard, and in most cases have been improved, there is little resistance to the use of alternative music. Jango Reinhardt Although paralyzed, his limbs became paralyzed, and he became a famous guitarist. In particular, he taught himself how to use the index and middle fingers to compensate for damaged areas of his left hand.

Jazz piano virtuoso affected Oscar Peterson after a stroke. Electronic musician Richard Eric Kaplan worked with Peterson to develop a tool in electronics and use technology to his advantage. According to Kaplan’s father, the late electronic musician spent several weekends with Oscar to help him make music with less activity.

Music education

Saskatchewan’s guitarist Dylon Gazandlar came up with his own tool, using nothing but tape. The 17-year-old’s ability is undisputed.

Why did he have to be so patient?

In the music industry, treating disability as an idea, rather than seeking inclusion in the process, is worthwhile. When we come to school, students with disabilities are often left out of the loop when it comes to instrumental music, or when they play in groups.

Perhaps surprisingly, Royal Concert Music has a policy to accommodate any request, but the fact is that no one has asked for a place for any disabled person. The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music could not provide any information on the case.

It is not uncommon for students with disabilities to think that the door is closed in a world where a concert violinist is making a big announcement about playing.

ASD – Music Gift

When it comes to music, it can be a gift of nervousness rather than a disability. There are many examples of talented musicians, such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Michael FullerHis talent for opera and piano is still in its infancy.

At the age of 11, Mozart could play Sonatas by ear and taught himself to play the piano in a mobile app. When he listens to the music, he says, “Take the gift down to his head.”

He wrote the song The grief is great. At the age of 14.

Toronto Glen Gould is thought to have shared that gift. The ASD test did not improve well after his death.

Derek Paravikini Cornwall’s nephew is Duchess, and a talented pianist who is blind and ASD. It is nicknamed the “human iPod” because it can play the music once it is played.

The ASD brain seems to be able to absorb music systematically, with a high sensitivity to sound.

Audience experience

The world of classical music offers unique needs to its audiences and players. People are expected to remain as quiet as possible during the execution, which is impossible for some.

Of TSO In April 2019, he had his first “relaxed” concert for a neurodegenerative audience. During the concert, their customers were able to leave if they wished, including sound equipment and other customization details if needed.

Of Royal Concert of Music They have taken active steps to make their facilities accessible to as many audiences as possible. The organization teaches them how to take advantage of gaps in wheelchair counseling and how to gain experience from small details to great experience.

“These small changes are somewhat profound,” said Ida Iidian, General Manager.

All department heads were given practical training and a 5-year access plan was developed. Lessons Learned: Action and forethought, and take the advice of knowledgeable professionals.

Solutions are there.

There is another way forward. Basically, it involves using only traditional tools and rigid techniques and using existing technology.

Every person with special abilities has his or her own criteria, and each type of disability has its own criteria. Sometimes this changes the experience of the musician. Reading Braille results is a different experience than reading music as a visual musician. Basically, the idea of ​​high and low voices with such a gap in the worker is hurt. Notes are created with high points in braille, which misses the upper / lower concept.

DIAMI is a new digital solution for visually impaired musicians. It transmits infrared signals directly from the conductor rod to the bracelet worn by the musician.

Other solutions seem obvious, but they require the necessary motivation. Some of the software used by many educational institutions, such as Cuba, is not compatible with the screen reader used by blind musicians.

Of M2 / OrchestraLocated in Boston, it is the only classical music organization dedicated to treating mentally ill musicians. If there is no audit, musicians at any level can participate in any way possible.

For Nancy-Lee Mauger, the French horn player’s separation disorder is a problem, to be able to return to play. In many personalities, one of them does not know how to play the instrument. If this person appears during practice or practice, she can easily get up and walk – without any stigma.

The orchestra was created in 2011 by music director Ronald Brownstein and his wife, Caroline Widden. Brownstein was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was once fired.

Progress is being made on various fronts in the UK. Many organizations dedicated to changing the landscape with different talented musicians

  • British Paradox, The world’s first large-scale virtuoso stage set for any talented professional musician. Hosts are designed for any musician, including the use of digital and instrumental instruments with traditional orchestras.
  • National Open Youth Orchestra, Another world first national youth orchestra led by PwDs. The group was launched in 2018 to provide professional guidance for 11-25 year olds with disabilities and musicians with disabilities. Some musicians play instruments such as clarinet, which they can use in any part of the body – including eye movements.
  • Of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra BSO Voice It is a team of professionals led by disability leader James Rose. The commission works not only for the meeting but also for the members.

Nationally, the National Excellence National Center(NCIE), founded by Bristol Music Trust, is committed to rethinking both the music and educational industries with a view to overcoming barriers to participation at all levels.

OpenUp Music is an organization focused on creating learning and performance opportunities for young musicians with disabilities. They have a responsibility to develop Clarion, An accessible device on an iPad or PC that can be played by anyone on any part of the body. That includes any minor movements and eye movements. Clarion won the 2020 award.

In the end, everyone should have the experience of playing music and people with disabilities themselves should not fall for it.

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