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Origin concerts, City of London Sinfonia


Home Concerts, London Symphony
Home Concerts, London Symphony

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One of London’s most exciting orchestras never fails. For 50 years since its inception, the city of Symphony has been enjoying live music in a new creative program, and is celebrating its big birthday with six concerts with fast-paced favorites and new pieces from classical music.

Home It is the subject of a concert series at the Southwest Cathedral, as the four programs delve deeper into the music, exploring its connection to the world more broadly and reflecting on the audience for half a century.

The City of Symphony, London, follows the live image and invites audiences to join in three ways. You can take a seat on the ship, walk around the cathedral banquet areas, or walk to one of the pillows scattered around this beautiful building on the Thames South Bank.

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At the Symphony Concert in London, audiences can relax and enjoy the best of music.

The first concert (October 27, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. 30 p.m.) is called Home dec correct sound. In it, the music of the most popular British composers, including Edward Elgar, Ralph von Williams and George Butterworth, is filled with new works, including the atmosphere of modern Scottish composer James Macmillan. From Galway And Sally Biamish Gal water. The theme of the concert is the impact of folk music on classical music.

The abduction of Baritone Solst by Batworth S.ongs from Shropshire LeadRodrick Williams prepares for Von Williams’ public anthem. The violinist Alexandra Wood leads the orchestra and the clarinetist is composed by contemporary composer Hugh Watkins. Five Duos for Clarinet and Violin Katherine Spencer.

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Rodriguez Williams is both the composer and the only person at the CLS concert on October 27 Photo Richard Richard

Second Home Concert (Thursday, November 4, 7pm 30pm to 8pm) Changing sounds. It brings together three processors who broke the mold. Today, Beethoven feels like a bed of classical music, but in his time he repeatedly resisted convention and expectations. It is this extremism that CLS is revisiting with Symphony No. 1.

Jean Ferry Rebel has a special place in the history of music Ingredients Sweet opens in 1737, confusing the audience with a clash of notes called Cana Cluster! But he laid the groundwork for a generation of composers who followed him. The vivid image of dancing around the world contrasts with South Korean composer Donghun Shin’s 10 intricate thumbnails. My shadow It receives the UK Premier and is inspired by the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson.

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The City of Symphony, London, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Southwest Cate.Dral

Scenes from the wild (November 25-27) Dara Makanleti is a dramatic song cycle based on the book 2020. Young nature expert notebookBy Cheryl Francis-Hoad Music and the late Liberalist and musician Amanda Holden, who passed away last month.

Joining CLS for these world premiere shows is tenor William Morgan; The director is contemporary musician Jeffrey Patterson. Viewers are always free to move around CLS, and you are invited to listen to a variety of topics ranging from sounds to sounds, especially in the natural world that encourages McAlunt.

There are three shows. Scenes from the wild: Thursday, November 25 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, November 27, and at St. 27, November 2, 30 p.m.

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The City of London’s Symphony Ordinary Violin Room

This is the end of the 50th birthday series of the City of Cincinnati in London This is CLS. – It looks at the heritage and future of the orchestra and includes works by musicians for decades, as well as celebrations such as Monteverdi Fanfarre, Tokata. Orpheus.

Also on the program (Thurs 3 Mar 7 PM-8:30PM) John Tavener is spiritual. Hidden faceAlong with anti-tennis Hutu Cutting and Oboist Dan Bats, and two works by British-Bulgarian composer Dobrinka Tabakova, one was given priority.

Happy 50th Birthday, Symphony, London. You made us comfortable at your concerts. But you keep us on our feet …

London’s Symphony concerts cost 1 1 for under-16s. Transfer tickets are £ 5. Seats £ 20- £ 25 Click here for full details and more about CLS and its work in music and the community at large

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