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Welcome to the Music Master Lab. We created this project with a simple idea – to help professional classical musicians start their own business in classical music as teachers and performers. The period between graduating college and fully establishing yourself as a professional classical musician can be challenging and at times difficult. It also takes time to fully realize your skills, passions, and interests.

Music Master Lab is an online community of classical musicians where you can ask questions, get answers, exchange ideas, and meet new people. We collaborate with renowned classical music teachers, performers, and entrepreneurs, who provide tips from their best practices to take your career to the next level.

Music Master Lab is focused on how to become a better classical music teacher and performer.  If you need help starting your private studio or being a freelance classical musician go to the Business section.

We will deep dive in the Teaching section about the best practices of teaching classical music to your students. You will find many great tips for beginner and intermediate students.

The Performing section will focus on more advanced ideas for classical musicians on how to prepare yourself for a performance. Feel free to contact Music Master Lab with any questions or suggestions at any time.

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Rudolf Ozolins and Iskander Zakirov both graduated from Michigan State University with the Doctor of Musical Arts degrees. Shortly afterward each started to teach privately piano. There was a lot of experimentation and trial and error in the beginning. There is no support system in place for freelance music teachers, performers, or entrepreneurs. Learning and exchanging ideas between musicians in the professional world is very limited. Musician meet-ups and networking events are non-existent. It can feel like a very lonely place after graduating with a music degree…  more

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