Feeling frustrated with being a musician?

Venting page is designed for musicians to post articles completely anonymously about being a music teacher and a performer. As musicians we all run into problems with our supervisors, teachers, conductors, music directors, students, or student’s parents. Sometimes these situations can be very frustrating and hard to resolve. The Venting section of Music Master Lab is a safe place to post your grievances completely anonymously. FaceBook and other social media is not a safe place to post your frustrations. The people who you are writing about on social media might read your post and get you in trouble. Music Master Lab will not collect any of your information.

Use the Venting page as a learning experience as well. Other musicians are dealing with the same problems as you are. You might be able to find a solution or provide guidance to other musicians. Have fun reading and posting!


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Classical Music

Best floorstanding speakers to buy

Upstairs speakers dominate most living rooms, but they sound exceptional on a large soundstage. Cheap models can be surprisingly loud, but if design corners are

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Classical Music

2Cellos farewell, OVO Arena Wembley

2Celos Farewell, OVO Arena Wembley 2Celos Farewell, OVO Arena Wembley Claudia Prechard Luke Schulich’s and HAUSER’s play has turned many spider webs into classical music.

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Shantanique Moore

Orchestral Audition Advice

Each audition you take offers an opportunity for learning and growth. While you do not have control over the outcome of an audition, you do

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Elmira Mirkasymova

Thoughts on Teaching

The Teacher It is of fundamental importance that the teacher carries a substantial volume of knowledge. Because we talk about music, the amount is truly

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